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Mr Cats  Plants&Wares

Mr Cat sells a range of plants, and pyrography art. Perfect for gifts or even yourself. Mr Cat Encourages you to send any questions you have directly to him.

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Plants in Cups

Succulents in Cups

This item comes with all that you will need to create

Your plant in a cup. With this purchase you receive:

1.One Tea Cup (note: tea cup may not be exact one in




4.Small Succulent


6.Set up instructions

Find the species of plant you want below


Mr Cat sells a range of cute and stylish plants, succulents and cacti and more all perfect for gifts. Mr Cat also has uniquely created and decorated one of a kind wooden chests, and handmade hair accessories. perfect for giving amazing gifts.

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Aloe Aristata : Succulent in Cup

The Aloe Aristata is also known as ‘Guinea fowl Aloe’ or ‘Lace Aloe’. It is stemless and grows in rosettes. When it flowers, it appears on a thirty centimetre stalk. The flowers are orange. The edges of the leafs have ‘saw-tooth’ spikes.

Genus: Aristaloe

Not for culinary purposes

Yellow Tea Cup

Plain white


Orange Flowers

Choose your cup!