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Mr Cats  Plants&Wares

Mr Cat sells a range of plants, and pyrography art. Perfect for gifts or even yourself. Mr Cat Encourages you to send any questions you have directly to him.

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Mr Cat sells a range of cute and stylish plants, succulents and cacti and more all perfect for gifts. Mr Cat also has uniquely created and decorated one of a kind wooden chests, and handmade hair accessories. perfect for giving amazing gifts.

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Aloe Aristata  Succulent in Cup

The Aloe Aristata is also known as ‘Guinea fowl Aloe’ or ‘Lace Aloe’. It is stemless and grows in rosettes. When it flowers, it appears on a thirty centimetre stalk. The flowers are orange. The edges of the leafs have ‘saw-tooth’ spikes.

Plant will measure between 5CM wide or bigger.

Genus: Aristaloe

Big Aloe Aristata

Why not rehome a slightly older plant? Bigger and better. These plants tower over smaller succulents and look great.

Plants will measure approximately between  6.5CM/9CM tall. At least 16cm wide or larger.

Plant Size
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