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Mr Cat sells a range of plants, and pyrography art. Perfect for gifts or even yourself. Mr Cat Encourages you to send any questions you have directly to him.

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Pyrography ‘Wood Burning’

The pyrography or wood burning for sale here has been created using a small pyrography tool similar to a pen.

Similar to drawing with a pencil the end of the tool is pushed down into the wood and it creates small burns. The longer the tool is left on the wood, the bigger the burns become.

Photographed below is the main pyrography tool .

To prepare the surface that is to be burnt the outside is first sanded.

Before any burning begins a design is first created on paper, when that is complete it is lightly drawn on to a wooden box or chest. These designs are then burnt into the wood. Sometimes different nibs are require on the end of the pyrography tool to do this.

When the burning is complete the chests are then lightly wiped to clear up any ash. The chests are then double varnish to help strengthen them and keep the designs in good condition. It also adds a very beautiful glow to the chests.

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Plants in cups Succulents&cacti

Currently all plants for sale on this website are grown in the UK this is done by taking cuttings from an original plant (original origin unknown) and allowing them to grow.

When the cuttings are big enough they often flower in multiple areas. These little flowering plants are the perfect size and look pretty enough for your very own plant in a cup!

But first they must be cut off the stem, and carefully nurtured for 6-12 months until they begin to grow their own roots.

There are currently a range of plants for sale or being grown ready for sale. The mixture consists of crassulas, difrent succulents, and cacti.  For sale, or soon to be for sale are the species: